Startup Canada’s Communities Launch Event (Views: 2198)

Tue, 30 Apr 2013 10:54:26

Startup Canada CommunitiesStartup Canada’s motto is: “Entrepreneurship empowers everyone”. It reveals the focus that drives their efforts to improve the life and prosperity of Canadians as individuals and as a nation. For Startup Canada and entrepreneurs across the country, May 2nd is going to be a very important day as it marks the organization’s first anniversary and the launch of Startup Canada Communities with an online celebration of #startupchats and Google Hangouts featuring some of Canada’s and the world’s top startup leaders!   


A national, grassroots, entrepreneur-led, non-profit organization, Startup Canada is contributing to the success of entrepreneurs across Canada by providing them with much needed guidance and education. Likewise, it is helping academic, industry, and government leaders to understand how they can improve their support for Canadian entrepreneurs, and are educating the media and the Canadian public about the vital role that entrepreneurs play in creating a more sustainable and prosperous Canada.


Underlining the importance of promoting and assisting in the creation of a strong entrepreneurial culture and a national network of startup communities, Victoria Lennox, CEO of Startup Canada, recently referred to the Harper government’s acknowledgement that entrepreneurs and the businesses they create are the backbone of the Canadian economy, employing nearly half of the Canadian working population.


Without doubt, this entrepreneurial strength has contributed to Canada’s relative economic stability since the 2008 recession, but more has to be done as we continue to lag behind many other nations in terms of productivity, one of the most important drivers of prosperity. Interestingly, in a recent document produced by Deloitte entitled “The Future of Productivity – An Eight-step Game Plan for Canada”, three of the eight proposed actions were directly focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.


What exactly is Startup Canada’s “Startup Canada Communities” project that launches on May 2nd, and what can you expect from the event? The project has been developed to help communities become startup laboratories that create innovative new businesses and employ people by balancing the needs of entrepreneurs, investors, universities, mentors, service providers, government and communities themselves. To achieve this goal, Startup Canada is building a national network of startup communities where entrepreneurs can access events, support, space, mentors, funding and much more.


The May 2nd launch kicks off at 1:00 PM EST with Kelly McGregor hosting the #startupchats Panel on Twitter under the theme: “Re-Inventing Canada—The Case for Startup Communities.” At 3:00 PM, Ken Bautista, founder of Startup Edmonton, will share his journey and lessons in building a startup community from the ground up, and at 4:00 PM, Startup Canada’s co-founder and CEO, Victoria Lennox, will explain what the Startup Canada Communities project is and how it works as a tool that can contribute to the success of your startup.


The feature event begins at 6:00 PM, and you are invited to join Startup Canada’s Pilot Communities and a Special All-Star Panel for a live Google Hangout streamed event exploring global trends, best practices, and insights into the global startup movement. For all the details and the opportunity to register now, please visit the Startup Canada Communities launch webpage.


Help spread the word with these social media graphics and stay tuned for news and updates! See you online on May 2nd!

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