Acquire and retain business clients by helping them find relevant government and complementary funding.

Start with Government Funding!

Our funding search engine enables business-support organizations to help business owners effortlessly find, organize, and apply for the most relevant government funding available.

How It Works

Who We Serve

Financial Institutions

Become your prospects’ and clients’ go-to, most trusted, and one-stop funding reference.

Accounting Firms

Expand your advisory services at scale by offering dynamic and relevant funding recommendations.


Attract business investment to your area by showcasing the most relevant government funding programs available.


Support early-stage business growth by empowering them to easily identify and apply for relevant funding.

Why Fundica?

Enable a business-support organization to effortlessly help businesses find relevant government funding while capturing firmographics, promoting inclusion, becoming a more complete funding advisor, and acquiring and retaining clients at scale.

All this without the need for any IT integration, but with out-of-the-box bank-level security.

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Visa is working with Fundica to enable small businesses to find the relevant private sector grants and government funding they need to fuel their business.

How Fundica helped Desjardins upgrade their service offering

“The platform that Fundica provided is very intuitive and very easy to navigate. It really upgrades our service offering and helps our members grow.”

Sylvain Dupuis
Director of Client Segment and Offer Development
Desjardins Business

Fundica helped Intuit increase conversion

“Fundica is the most useful tool entrepreneurs can use when it comes to funding. Having their white-label solution on our website increased signups to Intuit’s products tremendously.”

Jeff Cates
Past President
Intuit Canada

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Let us power the backend insights so you can focus on what you do best while scaling up your product offering and advisory services to attract new prospects and retain clients.

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