The Fintech Meetup Experience

With the COVID-19 pandemic going on for over two years now, I have to admit that I was not that keen about joining yet another online event instead of meeting people in-person. I am glad to say Fintech Meetup proved me wrong!  

The Fintech Meetup event was able to really put forward what can be best done online – efficient, short meetings with people based in different locations. To do this, the Fintech Meetup team brought together a long list of interesting fintechs, financial institutions, and service providers in the financial services sector. Next, they asked each participant to select others in the list that they would like to meet. Finally, they scheduled 15-minute meetings for parties that had opted in to meet each other.   

For us, this efficient matching system meant that our team was able to meet approximately 40 interesting contacts in the span of 3 afternoons. Even in a well-organized live event, it would have been difficult to have serendipitously met and chatted with this many quality contacts in a meaningful way. The meetings were short, but very effective and productive.  

With these varied and quick meetings, we were able to rapidly identify prospects, partners, collaborators, and even get great product feedback. We not only received some very generous comments from people who thought that our solution was “very interesting” and “amazing for small clients,” but also some very constructive, free flowing suggestions.   

We really appreciated being a part of this event. The organizing team at Fintech Meetup did a great job. I feel like this is the way many online events should go and look forward to the next Fintech Meetup.