Fundica User Satisfaction Survey Results

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At the beginning of 2021, we launched a survey to find out how small businesses who used Fundica felt about our platform. We also used the occasion to learn more about their opinions on digital banking solutions and what they expect from their financial institution in this increasingly digital world.

Small Businesses. 98% of the survey’s respondents felt they could recommend Fundica to other business owners and entrepreneurs. They also told us Fundica mainly helped them learn about new funding opportunities and save time. Finally, they indicated that Fundica significantly improved their overall funding search experience.

Financial Institutions. So, how does this relate to digital banking and the role of the financial institution in 2021 and beyond? Well, as it turns out, 76% of survey respondents felt their financial institution should help them identify and apply for relevant government funding. In fact, in the last few years, commercial banking clients have come to expect more personalized services, an elevated advisory experience, and expertise that goes beyond in-house lending products. According to Finextra Research, 90% of big corporate banking clients would switch banks for a better digital user experience.

With a funding search engine like Fundica, financial institutions can meet these increasingly important customer expectations, join the digital banking revolution, attract prospects, and delight clients. One small business owner even commented in the survey that “Fundica should be connected to every single financial institution”.

Are you a financial institution looking to the future and ready to elevate your advisory experience, all online and with a smart search engine that brings real value to your clients? Contact us at or 1-855-FUN-DICA and request a demo today. Become a funding champion with Fundica!