2018 Fundica Roadshow $500,000 Investment Award FAQ (Vues: 1865)

Tue, 03 Apr 2018

Here is what you need to know about the $500,000 Investment Award for the 2018 Fundica Roadshow. 

The Fundica Roadshow is a national initiative that includes a series of events across Canada. There are currently three city-stops planned for 2018. In each of the 2018 city-stops, namely 
MontrealVancouver, and Toronto, eligible companies are invited to pitch for the Fundica Roadshow Investment Award that will be presented by the Awarding Partner, Panache Ventures at the Fundica Roadshow Finale in Montreal. 
1) Is my company eligible? 
Eligible companies who are pitching at the 2018 Fundica Roadshow must be a) incorporated in Canada, b) have a technological component to their business, and c) have expected revenue growth above 50% in the next year. 
2) How do I apply to pitch? 
Eligible companies must complete the pitch application form for a given city-stop at 
www.fundicaroadshow.com/pitch. Be sure to check the deadlines for each city, as we cannot accept any applications past these dates. Any eligible company may apply to as many city-stops as they want and need not be based in the city to which they apply.? 
If you are applying to pitch at multiple city-stops, you must complete a separate application for each city-stop independently. Only complete applications from eligible companies will be considered. 
3) Who decides if my company is selected to pitch? 
In each city-stop, all eligible applicants will be reviewed by the city-stop review committee. The review committee is composed of a representative of Panache Ventures, Fundica, and select community partners. The review committee will select up to eighteen (18) eligible applicants to pitch in each Fundica Roadshow city-stop. Final decisions are based on a combination of attributes, including market, team, solution, and market traction. 
4) How are City-Stop Winners determined? 
At each city stop, the pitching applicants will each have a set time limit to present their respective company and answer questions from the judging panel. Each pitch will be evaluated based market, team, solution, delivery of pitch, and readiness for an Investment Award. The judging panel will vary in each city-stop. 
5) How many City-Stop Winners are selected?? 
Three City-Stop Winners will be selected from each city-stop pitching applicants to continue to the Finale. Additionally, we reserve the right to announce up to an additional three “Wildcard Winners” who were not selected as City-Stop Winners but demonstrated strong businesses cases nonetheless. These Wildcard Winners can be announced at any time during the 2018 Fundica Roadshow, prior to the Finale. The Wildcard Winners are not related to the Wildcard Pitchoff Contest that will be held in certain locations to allow a pitching company to get a pitch spot in the city-stops.  
6) Which pitch applicants go to the Finale? 
All the City-Stop Winners and Wildcard Winners will be invited to the
2018 Fundica Roadshow Finale July 12th, 2018 at Marché Bonsecours. The finalists will be asked to pitch and answer questions from the judging panel.


7) When will the Investment Award winners be announced? 

The Investment Award winners will be announced at the Fundica Roadshow Finale.

8) How many Investment Award winners will there be in 2018? 

Panache Ventures typically invest around $150,000 per company, but may make a smaller or larger investment as part of the Investment Award. As such, there will likely be around three winners of the Investment Award in 2018.  
9) As an Investment Award winner, am I guaranteed funding? 

No. Panache Ventures reserves the right to invest in as many or few companies as they choose. Ultimately, they will only invest in companies that successfully complete the negotiation and due diligence process. Having said that, over the last few weeks Panache Ventures has invested in two past Fundica Roadshow City-Stop Winners. 


10) As an Investment Award winner, when can I expect to receive funding?? 

Panache Venture may elect to initiate discussions, carry out due diligence or invest in an Investment Award winner during or after the Fundica Roadshow. 

11) Do I have to relocate if I win the Investment Award? 

No. Panache Ventures operates Canada-wide and generally does not require any relocation. 
12) I have more questions, who can I speak to? 
Please contact Fundica’s General Manager, Loic Souetre at loic@fundica.com or 1-855-386-3422. 



Join hundreds of other successful startups by pitching at the 2018 Fundica Roadshow. Click here to apply.


Haven’t launched your startup yet, but still want to check out the scene? Don’t fret - you can still attend the Fundica Roadshow by buying tickets for our Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto stops.


Montreal, May 1st, 2018: Tickets here

Vancouver, May 31st, 2018: Tickets here

Toronto, June 28th, 2018: Tickets here

Finale, Montreal, July 12th, 2018: Tickets here



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