Announcing Our Toronto Pitching Startups (Vues: 2213)

Wed, 20 Jun 2018

In Toronto, in just one week, we’ll bring together a final group of Canadian tech startups for the last leg of the Fundica Roadshow. The cream of this crop will be moving on to our finale, where they’ll pitch one last time for a chance to win an investment award of up to $500,000, powered by Panache Ventures. Keep scrolling for an idea of who you’ll find on our main stage at MaRS.


HeadCheck Health sells concussion testing and league protocol compliance software to sports teams, leagues, and medical clinics. HeadCheck includes a mobile testing app, onboarding services, and real-time compliance reporting via data analytics on user activities.


Pitstop is a platform as a service that aggregates data and uses machine learning to perform predictive maintenance for vehicles. It sits as a software layer above the connected car infrastructure and focuses on the vertical of vehicle maintenance & prognostics.  


Allset is your digital insurance broker. Their smart technology helps users understand and establish their needs and recommends the most appropriate coverage to them, presenting a fast, simple, and frictionless online shopping experience.


Swell Advantage is a modern marina management software with an integrated community and customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps build happier, stickier communities of boaters.


Bluink is an identity and access management company that builds smartphone-based IAM solutions for enterprises and citizens alike, allowing users to carry driver's license, health cards, and Ontario cards on their smartphones


Brillist’s proprietary project optimization software ensures that customers complete their projects ahead of schedule and below budget by as much as 25%.


Enrich Bioscience’s platform will simultaneously analyze thousands of DNA methylation biomarkers to detect cancer earlier. Their tests will help oncologist make informed decisions about cancer therapies and result in better health outcomes for patients.


Cybeats solves a critical security problem for companies that manufacture, integrate, or deploy IoT devices in enterprise, industrial, critical infrastructure, or medical environments. Until now, IoT devices have been vulnerable to cyber threats and easy targets for attackers. Cybeats protects IoT devices throughout their lifecycle by taking a unique "inside out" approach to cybersecurity.


Qassurance AI empowers companies to deliver better customer experiences by extracting insights, trends, and patterns from overlooked customer support data.


QuindiTech is a Montreal-based startup developing DeepSkin, an AI-driven skin disease detection and recognition system that will help build self-service health centres, empowered by AI analytics.


ChargeLab is building Canada’s first and only open software platform for managing electric vehicle charging stations (EVCS). Their platform lets businesses deploy, manage, and monetize charging stations for electric cars.


GoMaterials is an online marketplace that connects landscapers with landscape material vendors.


Flashfood enables grocery stores, via the Flashfood grocery app, to sell food nearing its best before date at a discount to nearby shoppers and farmers and food manufacturers, via the Flashfoodbox, to sell boxes of fresh, "type 2" (i.e. irregularly shaped/ugly/ surplus) food and ship them directly to shoppers' homes.


FleetOps operates an on-demand freight marketplace that uses artificial intelligence to match commercial truck drivers with shipment opportunities


Altius Analytics Labs is a health-tech company helping workplaces prevent expensive musculoskeletal, or joint, injuries (MSDs) by providing a proprietary computer vision/AI-enabled hardware and software tool that automates and objectifies the visual assessment process, allowing anyone to identify MSD risk.


HiredHippo is an AI-powered recruitment platform that connects employers with passive talent by intelligence matching both their personal and professional career aspirations.


AXIS is an IoT ("internet-of-things") company that creates beautifully designed connected devices, accessible to anyone and everyone. Their flagship product, Gear, is a patented smart home device that allows users to motorize and automate their existing window shades in minutes.


Buy your tickets to the Fundica Roadshow and see these startups for yourself:


Toronto, June 28th, 2018: Tickets here

Finale, Montreal, July 12th, 2018: Tickets here


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