2014 Funding Roadshow lands in San Francisco on October 21st (Views: 2156)

Tue, 16 Sep 2014

Fundica completed its last of eleven planned city stops of the 2014 Funding Roadshow on July 14th. The past few months have been very exciting, to say the least. Our trip across Canada allowed us to meet a large number of talented entrepreneurs, put a face to the name of the different funders educating and fueling these entrepreneurs, and meet face-to-face with our dedicated and infrastructure building partners.  

The Fundica team will be heading to San Francisco on October 21st for the winners’ pitch session to investors. As such, we would also like to extend you an invite to the networking activities which will be taking place after the pitch session on October 21st and 22nd.These networking activities will give you the opportunity to potentially meet with new partners.  Please note that the pitch event is not open to the public.
If you are a leading Canadian tech entrepreneur, funder, or community supporter that will be in the Bay Area on October 21st or 22nd and would like to partake in the networking activities, please let us know by contacting Lana Tayara at ltayara@fundica.com

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