2017 Fundica Roadshow Investment Award Rules (Views: 1464)

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 16:56:10




1.    Background. The Fundica Roadshow is a national initiative that includes a series of events across Canada. There are currently 10 city-stop events planned for 2017. Fundica reserves the right to add or remove city-stops. In each of the 2017 city-stops namely Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Waterloo, Halifax, Victoria, Vancouver, Calgary, with a second stop in Toronto and Montreal,  eligible companies are invited to pitch for the Fundica Roadshow Investment Award (FRSIA) that will be provided by the Awarding Partner, First Stone Venture Partners. Fundica may also host additional “special edition” Roadshow stops or event that will not be included in the FRSIA.


2.    Eligible Companies. Eligible Companies considering to apply for the 2017 FRSIA must be: a) incorporated in Canada, b) have a technological component to their business, c) be in seed or growth stage, and d) have expected revenue growth above 50% in the next year.


3.    Eligible Applicants.  Eligible Companies must complete an entire pitch application for a city-stop on www.fundicaroadshow.com by the stated date per city-stop as shown on www.fundicaroadshow.com to be considered for the 2017 FRSIA. Eligible Companies must verify the exact deadlines on www.fundicaroadshow.com. Please note that Fundica is permitted to modify these deadlines at any time. Eligible Companies must also agree to the general terms and conditions on www.fundicaroadshow.com. Any Eligible Company may apply to as many city-stops as they want and need not be based in the city to which they apply. Eligible Companies must apply to each city-stop independently. Only complete application from Eligible Companies will be considered Eligible Applicants.


4.    Pitching Applicants. In each city-stop, all Eligible Applicants will be reviewed by the city-stop Review Panel composed of a representative of the Awarding Partner and other members. The Review Panel will select a number of Eligible Applicants to be Pitching Applicants in each Fundica Roadshow city-stop based on criteria including market, team, solution, and market traction.


5.    Pitching Winners. In each city-stop, the selected Pitching Applicants will be invited to pitch to a Pitching Panel. The Pitching Panel will be composed of a representative from the Awarding Partner and other members. The Pitching Applicants will each have a set time limit to present their respective company and answer questions from the Pitching Panel. The definitive time limit will be determined by the Pitching Panel on the date of the city-stop. The Pitching Panel will rate all the pitches based on criteria including market, team, solution, pitch, and readiness for a $1M investment to select one City Winner per city-stop. The Awarding Partner may also select and announce together or separately an additional two “Wildcard Winners” from Pitching Applicants that were not selected as a City Winner, at any time during the 2017 Fundica Roadshow prior to the Grand Finale.


6.    Grand Finale Winner. All the City Winners and Wildcard Winners will be invited to the 2017 Fundica Roadshow Grand Finale event. The Pitching Winners and Wildcard Winners will be asked to pitch and answer questions from the Grand Finale Panel at the Grand Finale event.  At the conclusion of the Grand Finale event, the Awarding Partner will award one National Winner a $1,000,000 CA investment award or two National Winners any amounts that together equal the $1,000,000 CA investment award. Once the National Winner(s) are announced the decision will be final; however, the receiving of the investment award will be contingent on successfully completing the negotiation and due diligence process.   


7.    Investment Award. The Fundica Roadshow Investment Award will be in the form of a cash equity investment based on the terms and conditions agreed to by both the National Winner(s) and the Awarding Partner. The total investment award amount is $1,000,000 that may be awarded to one single company or split between two companies. The terms and conditions of the investment award may require relocation within Canada by the National Winner(s). For additional information on the Awarding Partner, please click on www.fsvp.ca. The Fundica Roadshow Investment Award may also include additional cash, product, or in-kind service awards.


8.    Confidentiality. The Awarding Partner may begin negotiations and due diligence with one or more potential National Winners at any time during the 2017 Fundica Roadshow, Any such  potential National Winner(s) and Awarding Partner agree to  keep this confidential until the conclusion of the Grand Finale event in order to be declared the National Winner(s). The National Winner(s) agree to the use of their names, logos and images in all forms of publicity upon acceptance as the National Winner and upon final investment by the Award Partner.


9.    Indemnification. All applicants will release Fundica, the Awarding Partner, as well as their respective partners, shareholders, directors employees, agents and assigns from any liability for damage or loss whatsoever, whether arising from the involvement in this award or from the awarding, acceptance or use of the investment award. Applicants also agree to defend, hold harmless and indemnify Fundica, the Awarding Partner, as well as their respective partners, shareholders, directors, employees, agents and assigns from all damages, costs, and expenses, of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to reasonable attorneys’ fees, for which Fundica, the Awarding Partner, as well as their respective partners may become liable by reason of the participation or lack of participation of the applicant in the 2017 Fundica Roadshow.  A National Winner's refusal to accept the Investment Award shall release Fundica and the Award Partner, from all obligations towards the National Winner.


10.  This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement among the parties. Please contact Xavier Freeman at xfreeman@fundica.com or 1-855-386-3422 ext. 102. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec. This Agreement will ensure to the benefit of and be binding upon the parties, their successors and assigns. If any provision of this Agreement shall be held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in full effect. Ce document est aussi disponible en français.



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