Montreal Pitching Startups Announced (Views: 2297)

Wed, 25 Apr 2018

In less than one week, nineteen innovative tech startups will take to the stage at the Fundica Roadshows Montreal event to compete for prizes and prestige. Though one of these nineteen startups will be a surprisethe winner of our Wild Card Pitch-Offweve selected the remaining seventeen. Learn more about the startups below.


Semeon is a SAAS knowledge-based search engine that is improving customer experience and brand health by way of its patented, semantic AI algorithm, which can discern meaning, sentiment, intent, and prediction.


Beeye is an intelligent project and resource management solution that enables businesses to maximize their bottom line by allowing them to better manage their resources and delegate them to the right projects at the right time.


Ben&Alex is a food recommendation engine that takes into consideration its userspreferencesfrom allergies and diets to disliked ingredientsto provide them with convenient and personalized meals.


InVivo AI is using artificial intelligence to streamline the development of new drugs by predicting which compounds will have manageable safety profiles in clinical testing. uses artificial intelligence to maximize businessesdiscovery of and engagement with visual media.


Deeplite has created the AI-Driven Optimizer to make deep neural networks faster, smaller, and more energy-efficient--from cloud to edge computing.


True Positive Medical Devices Inc. (TPMD) is a medical device company providing artificial-intelligence-based image processing solutions that aid diagnosis and prognosis in neurology and psychiatry.


Cobalts app reduces businessesincident response times from hours to seconds by allowing employees to use their phones to mobilize response teams.


FZ Engineering allows OEMs to integrate 3D printed metal and polymer components into their supply chains by improving the surface roughness and dimensional precision of printed parts using innovative post-processing systems.


EruditeAI has introduced its Educational Real-Time Interface (ERI), a AI-augmented, peer-to-peer tutoring platform, which maps usersknowledge, matches students and peer-tutors, and provides AI-generated feedback options to the peer-tutor.

Hardbacon turns stock market investing into a simple and profitable process by syncing with online brokerages and providing users with the data and tools they need to become better self-directed investors.

BlueLight Analytics Inc. is a healthcare technology company that creates, promotes, and sells proprietary technologies that validate the light sources used in clinical treatment within the dental industry.


Covera uses its online portal to help Canadians find the best possible insurance options, automatically and annually. is a data acquisition platform for buildings that non-intrusively collects data from multiple heating and cooling and ventilation systems and standardizes it into one comprehensible language.


AVSS develops hardware-enabled software solutions for UAVs.


Wavelite drastically reduces IoTs carbon footprint with a sustainable wireless communication platform for sensors.

The Bubbles Company enables brands and retailers to increase sales by leveraging gamification and customer data.



Interested in watching these startups pitch? There are limited tickets available for our Montreal event. Buy them here.


If youre unable to attend our first Montreal show, wed love to see you at our stops in Vancouver and Toronto, or at our finale.


Vancouver, May 31st, 2018: Tickets here

Toronto, June 28th, 2018: Tickets here

Finale, Montreal, July 12th, 2018: Tickets here




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