A Fundica Thanksgiving

With US Thanksgiving upon us this week, it seems like a great time to look back and say thanks. Since our incorporation just over five years ago (and even dating back to our early days as a community project), we have maintained the same mission: to provide business-support organizations with the best funding search engine technology possible. In doing so, we have achieved the following:

  • Built a kick-ass, award-winning, AI-powered, gold-standard solution to help SMBs find funding in both the US and Canada!
  • Enabled tens of thousands (soon hundreds of thousands) of small businesses across North America to find and secure millions of dollars in funding.
  • Built exciting partnerships with some of the largest financial institutions, accountancies, accelerators, governments, and other leading entrepreneur-support organizations in Canada and the US that truly want to be the destination that entrepreneurs think of for funding.
  • Assembled a growing software development, data, and business team of 16 passionate and talented individuals.
  • Secured over $400k in grants (in addition to tax credits and zero-interest loans).

The journey to these milestones would not have been as fun or even possible without the support of:

Thanks also go out to the many that are not yet listed above that helped us make a difference at Fundica!  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike, Sahar, Heykel