The Fundica Connection

Fundica helps financial institutions and other entrepreneur supporting organizations acquire and retain commercial clients. Here is how.

You can attract entrepreneurs and small businesses by helping them access the best funding programs to fuel their growth.

Fundica helps you do this through a 100% secure funding search engine subdomain or white label that requires no IT integration. Through this new online tool you will provide, your clients and prospects can easily find accurate and relevant funding recommendations in under 30 seconds.

Your organization will gather valuable insights about the needs of the businesses that visit your subdomain, while your business clients will acquire a better understanding of the funding landscape and which programs might best suit their business needs.

From these insights, you will be able to find the most promising leads and reach out to them directly or transfer targeted groups of interest to your CRM. Meanwhile, your prospects and clients will have found funding opportunities and start applying for them.

Fundica’s novel customer acquisition approach offers a win-win scenario. Your organization now has more information about the small businesses visiting your site; they receive help from you with an important business challenge and now see you as a funding champion.

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